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A Visit to Anthony
Original Air Date- May 8, 1993
Director- John K, Jim Smith
Story- John K, Richard Pursel
Voice Cast-
-John K (as Ren)
-Billy West (as Stimpy)
-Anthony (as Himself)
-Randy Quaid (as Anthony's Dad)
-Danny Cooksey (as Victor)
Synopsis- Ren and Stimpy receive a letter from their fan Anthony, who invites them to come stay at his house. They put on their costumes and leave their home in Hollywood, Yugoslavia for America. Anthony is thrilled and his mother is charmed, but Father makes it clear he doesn't like cartoons or "Hollywood Bigshots".
Cuts by Nick-
A scene in which Ren accidentally slaps Anthony's father (thinking he was Stimpy) was removed.
Billy West plays Ren during the bellybutton scene.
Behind the Scenes-
Based on the first kid to ever write a fan letter to Spumco. Yes, his real name is Anthony and when John read his letter he got the idea of making an episode with the little boy getting to meet his cartoon heroes, and going into shock when he sees them doing normal things like taking a dump. John flew him and his mom out to L.A. so he could voice himself.

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