Big House Blues


Completed by Spmc October 1990
Premiered Theatrically in Expanded Entertainment's Animation Celebration 1991 anthology roadshow
Original Air Date- August, 18 1991 (?)

Story-John K., Bob Camp, Jim Smith
Storyboard-John K., Jim Smith, Bob Camp
Produced and Directed by John K.

Voice Cast-
-John K. (as Ren Hoek)
-Billy West (as Stimpy)
-Jim Smith (as The Narrator and The Dogcatcher)
-Bob Camp (as The Effeminate Dogcatcher)
-Henry Porch (as Phil the Dog)
-Brian Chin (as Jasper the Pup)
-Cheryl 'Chase' Hudock (as the Little Girl)
-Lynne Naylor (as Mom)
-Pierre de Celles (as Ren's hideous cackle and vocal FX)

Animators- John K., Jim Smith, Lynne Naylor, Dave Feiss, Bob Jaques and Kelly Armstrong

-'Dog Pound Hop' written and played by Jim Smith

     A starving Ren and Stimpy are caught by the dogcatcher and are thrown in the pound. Phil the dog gets taken to be put to 'sleep' so Ren goes to sleep to using Stimpy as a pillow. Ren has a romantic dream kisses Stimpy, Ren awakes and upon realising what he is doing washes out his mouth in the toilet, grumbling "have you no sense of hygeine?" Ren soon figures out you don't come back from the "big sleep." Eventually the two are taken home by a little girl and each given a gift. Ren gets a sweater and Stimpy gets a litter box, his "first material possesion."

Cuts made by Nick-
     This episode was shown in it's entirity when it originally aired, but in every other airing after that two sequences were cut, the scene where Ren has a dream about a woman and kisses Stimpy and washes his mouth in the toilet and a scene where the dogcather wiggles his butt at Ren and Stimpy. The scene where Ren's eyes bug out of his skull and where he washes his mouth out in the toilet can still be seen (about one second of it), in the shows opening sequence.

Other Stuff-
     The now familiar opening and song, 'Dog Pound Hop',  was taken from this episode. Also look for the "Fred Flintstone" and "George Jetson" dogs that lurk in the background in the scene were the little girl contemplates taking Stimpy home.

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