My chat with John K (kind of)


July 2005
John K. was at MOTLOS this month, and he was answering a lot of my questions. So I put them together and here they are!

Sam: Will Fire Dogs be in the APC DVDs along with Fire Dogs 2?
John K: Firedogs 2 will be on the APC set in its entirety as 1 cartoon. It suffered in the Spike showing because of the cheesy live action and because it was split into two parts that aired 2 weeks apart. When you see it all as one cartoon it will make a lot more sense and is full of crazy schitt-all from life too.

John doesn't like it

Sam: What do you think of the cover for Season Five and some more of 4?
John K: If anyone had handed in a drawing like that at Spumco, they would have been fired on the spot.

Sam: Are you going to try drawing the cover art for Ultimate set?
John K: I am designing the cover for the APC set and the Ultimate set. Annmarie McCarty-who co-created Flash cartoons with me is helping me. We are also making a cool booklet insert for the Ultimate Set-full of pictures, interviews with artists, previews of other Spumco Characters and neat stuff. I'm writing a sort of history of Ren and Stimpy and Spumco for the booklet, but it's getting kinda long and may not fit in there. I may have
to edit it down to something that leaves out a lot of important stuff. I wonder what I should do with the unabridged story. I'm also compiling a list of innovations that started with Spumco and were followed by tons of other people and studios and made billions for everyone (except Spumco).
Sam: Did you edit the episodes you directed? (beside the ones Nick edited)
John K: Yeah, but there isn't much to edit in a cartoon. There is only one shot per scene. All you do to edit it is add sound effects and music-which I do with the help of others- Henry Porch, Eric Bauza and others. 
Sam: How much did Spumco do of Fake Dad?
John K: Pretty much everything except cut it to shreds.It's mostly Jim Smith and my drawings.

Billy West: not a big fan of John's

Sam: What happen to you and Billy on the Howard Stern? (I didn't really ask this)
John K: Neither Billy nor I wanted to argue. Howard invited me on and didn't tell Billy, so I figure he must have wanted us to fight. When neither of us started to, then Howard started poking Billy about being ungrateful and stuff like that and then poked me too so that we WOULD get into an argument.
I went on the show just to promote George Liquor, not to provoke anybody.

On Billy West's forum, Billy said this about the DVDs: "I was not invited to do any commentarys and even if I was,I would un-invite myself.I haven't in 12 years lent any of my credibility to the Spumco ''You'll take my bullsh*t fantasies away from me when you pry them from my cold dead animated hand'' club."
Here's what John Said: I actually would have liked Billy to do commentaries, but I didn't think he would.I saw him at the Looney Tunes commentaries and extended my hand to his to say hi and he barely looked at me and just walked by, so I figured his wounds have yet to heal. It's too bad. He really is a great voice actor.

Eric Is Gold

Sam: How many people audition for Stimpy until you found Eric Bauza?
John K: Not too many. The main contender was Joe Alaskey. He came close, but his voice was a bit too deep, and then he changed his mind about doing it anyway.
Eric was already working for me and really wanted to do voices. I didn't think ANYONE would be able to come close to Billy, but I told Eric this was his big chance. I gave him some 3 Stooges tapes and told him to listen to Larry, and imitate him instead of imitating Billy. He practiced and put his practices on tape for me to listen to. he sounded great as Larry so then I took him to the recording studio and recorded him as Stimpy, always telling him to do Larry, rather than Billy. I had always told Billy to go back to Larry and to make Stimpy sound like a man, instead of a cartoon character. In the later Games episodes, Stimpy started sounding more and more like Billy's regular voice or Doug, and I didn't want that. Eric did great and was super easy to direct and was always around so it worked out for the best.
It's a terrible task to  try to imitate a cartoon voice that's already established, but Eric has done better than anyone else I've ever heard. He brings something new to the voice instead of just trying to imitate the last version which would result in a second rate imitation.
Eric is gold.

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