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Dog Show

Original Production Number- RS5-3b
Original Air Date- December 12, 1992 (Was intended to air on Sept. 12, 1992, but was delayed, because Nickelodeon decided not to air it, then edited it themselves after firing Spmc.)

Directors- Chris Reccardi and John K.
Story- Richard Pursel
Storyboard- Chris Reccardi

Voice Cast-
-John K. (as Ren, Mr. Horse and the big woman)
-Billy West (as Stimpy and the Dog Show Judge)
-Micheal Pataki (as George Liqour)
-Cheryl Chase (Dog sound effects)
-Harris Peet (as the poodle)

     George Liqour enters Ren & Stimpy in the all-breed dog show. Prejudging is fierce, and many contestants don't meet the high standards of Mr. Horse. Prospects for Ren & Stimpy seem good, but George is a mean stage mother. George eventually enters himself and wins first prize.

Cuts Made by Nickelodeon-
      This was the first cartoon edited by Nickelodeon themselves after firing Spmc. It aired two months after it was intended because Nick decided to make some of their own edits. John K. refused to make the major cuts and revisions Nick requested so Nick shelved it along with "Man's Best Friend", and later edited it themselves after the firing.
     The 'Liqour' in George Liqour's name was bleeped out in fear that kids might think it was actually 'Lick her' rather than Liqour. His name was removed from above his head when he says it. And a piece of static artwork, where George is show to have a vestigal tail sticking up out of his butt, was altered because Standards and Practices thought the stump was supposed to be an erection. Finally Spike TV showed it uncut!!

Behind the Scenes Stuff-
     Nickelodeon hated George Liqour, they thought he was too mean, they demanded that all the funny gags be replaced with "something less funny." (No kidding, I did not make that up) And in a note sent to Spmc on March 17, 1992 Nick execs said "This whole nipple twisting sequence has got to go." 
     The owner of the yappy poodle is a caracture of cameraman David Koenigsberg.

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