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John Kricfalusi grabbed some friends and co-workers and started Spmc when he became sick of the way cartoons were made at the large studios. He felt that cartoons should be made by CARTOONISTS! In the early 90s Nickelodeon, the network for kids, was looking for creator-driven cartoons for the network, and they met with the Spmc folks. John K. pitched a show called Your Gang, which included the characters of Ren and Stimpy. The network told Kricfalusi that they were interested in a show based around the cat and dog, and ditch the other characters; Ren & Stimpy were born. They began production of the series, running things past the network people for approval. Problems arose when the network didn't understand the jokes, or when jokes had to be toned down for the audience.
The show premiered in August, 1991, and quickly found fans. Nickelodeon realized Spmc and John K knew what they were doing, but they still hated the new stories. Tensions between the network and Spmc built, and in September, 1992, John K and Spmc were fired from the show they created. Games Productions, a company set up by Nickelodeon, took over the show and began producing new episodes under supervision from Bob Camp, someone John K had tutored. Fans felt the show suffered with the loss of Spmc, and it was cancelled after 5 seasons.

I can't stand it any longer!!

Then in 2002, John K. received a phone call from a cable channel called TNN (now Spike TV). TNN was struggling against other channels and decided to give the creator a new chance. In June of 2003, Ren and Stimpy returned with 3 all-new episodes (which used plots developed for the original Nick show), plus the classic episodes the way they were meant to be seen. The show continues the adventures of the duo from the cult classic cartoon series, placing them in a completely No-Nickelodeon-Censorship universe. Originally 6 episodes were due to appear during the summer of 2003 but were delayed for a year along with the rest of Spike's "Strip" (mainly because of the extremely risque "Naked Beach Frenzy" episode). Spike TV planned to bring the show back with the final remaining episodes on August 20th, 2004, but instead delayed the series once again and canceled the series in early December.
Note: Most all the info of season 1 + 2 is taken from The Spmc Ren & Stimpy Archive but more updated!! So don't yell at me.

Pure Spumco
Started at Spumco.
Finshed By Games.
A Spumco Idea Made by Games
Pure Games


Season One
Spmc (1991-1992)



Season Three
Games (1993-1994)


Season Four
Games (1994-1995)


Season Five
Games (1996)


APC Season
Spmc (2003)
1-04: Altruists! (unaired)  (S)
1-05:Stimpy's Pregnant (unaired)  (S)


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