Episodes Started at Spmc and finished at Games
Spmc Content- Story, Storyboard and Dialogue recording
Games Content- Everything else


Stimpy's Fan Club
Original Air Date- March 24, 1993
Director- Games incorrectly credited Peter Avanzino.
(If it was completed at Spumco it would have been one of John K.'s)
Story- Elinor Blake and John K
Voice Cast-
-John K (as Ren)
-Billy West (as Stimpy, Mailman)
Animation services- Rough Draft Korea
Synopsis- In an attempt to soothe jealousy over the volume of fan mail he receives, Stimpy puts the crusty Chihuahua in charge of his fan club. Inflated by his new ceremonial position, Ren takes earnestly to the task, but it's not long before he issues evil & mischievous responses to Stimpy's fan letters. Banished from the presidency by Stimpy, Ren goes into a blue funk, shielding himself in a bizarre Stimpy style mechanical device, & hiding in a cupboard. When the mail comes, Ren crows with delight at receiving his very own fan letter. But the hyped up hound's ego takes another blow when he discovers the fan's real identity ... Stimpy
Behind the scenes- Although "A Visit To Anthony" and "Royal
Canadian Kilted Yaksmen" were aired after this cartoon, this is the
last track recorded with John K. doing the voice of Ren Hoek.

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