Original Production Number- RS04b
Original Air Date- September 1, 1991

Story- John K.
Storyboard- Jim Smith and Chris Reccardi
Director- John K.

Voice Cast-
John K. (as Ren, Mr. Horse and The Big Woman)
Billy West (as Stimpy)
Harris Peet (as the Fire Captian)
Cheryl Chase (as the Baby)

Animation Services- Carbunkle and Lacewood

Synopsis- Ren & Stimpy, desperate and hungry once again, see an advertising poster for Fire Dogs. Once our two heros don their Dalmation paint and convince the Fire Captian that they are Dalmations and not circus midgets, they are hired. Stimpy is pumped for the job, running endless laps, while Ren lounges around sipping coffee and eating doughnuts. The fire bell rings, and Stimpy drags Ren off on a call with their fire fighting higher mammals. They save many lives in their struggle to put out the raging fire, including Mr. Horse. Stimpy hovers over the burning building in his helicopter. He looks mighty relieved after releasing his kitty litter load, dowsing the flames below. Such cannot be said for the fat lady at the end of the story.

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