Fire Dogs 2: Part One & Two
Original Air Date- Part One: July 17, 2003 Part Two: July 24th 2003
Story- John K., Richard Pursel, Eddie Fitzgerald, Vincent Waller, Jim Smith
Director- John K.
Animation Director- Bob Jaques
Voice Cast-
-John K. (as Ren)
-Eric Bauza (as Stimpy)
-Ralph Bakshi (as Fire Chief )
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Animation Services- ??????
Synopsis- This follow up to the classic episode, Fire Dogs finds Golden Fire Hydrant winners Ren and Stimpy going home to live with a greatful Fire Chief, who as soon as work is over, turns into a beer bellied slob. Ren and Stimpy, oh sorry, Eddie and Tommy, get to see a side of the Fire Chief they might wished they never had. Then, before the Chief's big 'date' in part two, Eddie (Stimpy), Tommy (Ren) and the Fire Chief go out for Pizza, then panic because of an unwanted 'guest'...
Behind The Scenes Stuff- The live-action segments starring Ralph Bakshi were directed by Jonathan Yudis, who is married to Ralph's daughter, Victoria
Firedogs 2 was actually storyboarded during the Nickelodeon days.
All the things the Fire Chief did in Firedogs 2 were based on things that Ralph Bakshi did and things that he supposedly did.
Part Two premiered in the 11:30pm timeslot (usually used for Classic episodes), due to the fact the episode was running late in production and Spike TV wasn't sure if they'd have it in on time to run. The 10pm slot was filled with a rerun of Stripperella.
Part Two's "Ralph Bakshi Sitcom" segments were supposedly filmed, but the episode ran long, so they were left on the cutting room floor

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