Episodes Started at Spmc and finished at Games
Spmc Content- Dialogue, Storyboards, all Layout and Backgrounds.
Games Content- Editing, post production and music.


Haunted House
Original Production Number- RS5-6b
Original Air Date- November 21, 1992
Director- Ron Hughart
Story- John K., Bob Camp, Jim Smith and Richard Pursel
Storyboards- Jim Smith, Richard Pursel and Bob Camp
Background Color Design- Bill Wray
Voice Cast-
-John K. (as Ren)
-Billy West (as Stimpy and The Ghost)
-Rudolph Porter (as Rudolph the Jazzman)
     Ren & Stimpy enter a haunted house and unwittingly terrorize a poor, defenseless ghost. The Droopy-esque ghost gets cooked like a hot dog, smeared with peanut butter, marmalade, fish eggs and fish when he disguises himself as a piece of bread. He's used as a towel by stimpy and finally gives up and "kills" himself by drinking poison after his failures to scare Ren & Stimpy. The Ghost comes back to life in the form of Rudolph the Jazzman, a large naked black guy who proceeds to roar off in a vintage caddie in a bizarre non-sequitur ending.
Changes made by Nick/Games-
     A reference to the famous shower scene on 'psycho,' originally conceived in color, had the color removed with a computer
process, turning a little throwaway gag into an overdone satire of the worst kind.
And The Bloody Head Fairy was originally George Liqour in a tutu, but was removed by Games.
Here's what John said:
"The scene where Doug flies into the window happened because I had used George Liquor as the Bloody Head Fairy and Nickelodeon hated him. They had approved the storyboard with George in it, then after it had been sent to Korea to animate, they changed their minds.
They said George is a mean character, "Don't you ever draw anybody nice?". They ordered me to change it, so I drew Doug instead because Doug is nice."
Cuts by Spike TV/DVD-
    The Bloody Head Scene

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