Man's Best Friend

Original Production Number- RS5-1a
Original Air Date- Was intended to air on August 15, 1992, But never aired until June 23, 2003

Director- John K.
Story- Vincent Waller and John K.
Storyboard- Chris Reccardi

Voice Cast-
-John K. (as Ren and the Goldfish)
-Billy West (as Stimpy)
-Michael Pataki (as George Liqour)

     Ren & Stimpy are snoozing in the window of a pet shop when George Liqour wakes them by pounding on the glass. To impress him, they morph into very normal looking specimans of a chihuahua and Cat-dom, charming Mr. Liqour, who takes them home and swears he'll make them champions. So far, so good. Things start looking bad for our heros when George puts his pet gold fish out of it's bowl to make room for Ren & Stimpy. After flopping and gasping hideously, the fish takes off in George's car for parts unknown. The next morning, things really get grim. George begin's his own particular brand of odedience training, "It's discipline that begets love!" barks George, stopping only after getting thrashed within an inch of his life by Ren. George's bludgeoning with an oar Raging Bull-style will go down as one of the great moments in cartoon history.

Cuts made by Nick-
     The whole episode! This cartoon made Nick execs so nervous they opted to let it rot in their vaults rather than subject "the poor helpless children" to it's out of control halarity. The Nickelodeon takeover of R&S happened almost immediatly after this episode was delivered. It didn't air until well over a decade after it was made, on SpikeTV.

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