Rubber Nipple Salesmen

Original Production Number- RS5-4b
Oiginal Air Date- September 29, 1992

Directors- Vincent Waller and John K.
Story- Vincent Waller and John K.
Storyboard- Vincent Waller

Voice Cast-
-John K. (as Ren and Mr. Horse)
-Billy West (as Stimpy and 'Husband')
-Cheryl Chase (as 'Wife')
-Harris Peet (as The Fire Captian)

Animation Services- Rough Draft Korea

     Ren & Stimpy go into buisness as door-to-door salesmen, peddling Stimpy's homemade rupper nipples. Ren attempts to sell the nipples to the fire captian, who whacks Ren with a shovel, flattening him, then apologizes...again, he thought they were circus midgets. Then they proceed to another house, where they incounter a very fetishistic and very paranoid Mr. Horse. "So I made a mitake, ONE mistake, can't a man start over?!" cries Mr. Horse. The answer is no -mistakes like he's made are punishable by electricution in many states. Finally Stimpy gets a chance to sell, and demonstrates the many unusual uses for rubber nipples to 'husband' and 'wife'.

Cuts made by Nick-
     Ren & Stimpy weren't allowed to pay a visit to George Liqour's house and a scene were George scales and guts Ren & Stimpy like fish was cut the minute Standards and Practices got wind of it. Nick execs were very nervous, right from the start, about any episode with the word 'nipple' in the title, but they finally let it slide.

Other Stuff-
     The music played when the rubber nipple truck is moving is an instramental version of the 'Happy Happy Joy Joy' song.

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