Original Production Number- RS02b
Original Air Date- August 18, 1991

Story- John K. an Bob Camp
Storyboard- Chris Reccardi
Director- Raymond Spum ("There was no real director on this episode"-John K.; See below for details)

Voice Cast-
-John K. (as Ren)
-Billy West (as Stimpy)

Animation Services- Lacewood, Ontario, Canada

Synopsis- Ren's wakes up sick. Really grossly sick and almost dies. Never fear, it's Nurse Stimpy to the rescue! Stimpy vows to make Ren feel better again and he eventually does. Then Stimpy wakes up sick and Ren becomes the nurse.

Cuts Made by Nick- A whole bunch. Many potentially funny scenes were thrown out by the Nick story editors. One were Ren is visited by Dr. Leech who guessed it, a leech with a lab coat and a doctors bag, and proceeds to lie on top of Ren and suck out all the bad blood. The Doctor sloshes away, nearly bursting with plasma. In another scene Nurse Stimpy consults Dr. Horse who examines Ren's swollen glands. He didn't like them and neither did Nick.

Behind The Scenes Stuff- John K. withdrew his name from the credits because he deemed this episode to be below his standards, not only because of all the cuts, but due to artistic failings as well.

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