Out West

Original Production Number- RS5-4b
Original Air Date- September 29, 1992

Director- Bob Camp
Story- Bob Camp and John K.
Storyboard- Bob Camp
Animation Director- Bob Jaques

Voice Cast-
-John K. (as Ren and Mr. Horse)
-Billy West (as Stimpy)
-Jim Smith (as Abner)
-Bob Camp (as Ewalt)

-The song "The Lord Loves a Hangin'" was written by John K., Jim Smith and Bob Camp.  Music by Jim Smith. Sung by Jim Smith, Bob Camp, Henry Porch (backing vocals) and Billy West (as Stimpy).
-Some other incidental music by Jim Smith

     It's a bad day out in the badlands, as Sheriff Abner and Deputy Ewalt despair over their boredom and lack of people to hang. So they advertise for some villians to hang, and wind up with outlaws only slightly less stupid than they are, Three-fingered Hoek and Stupis the Kid. They send the two hapless desperados out to steal Mr. Horse. This gives them a pretext to break out the ropes for a good old fashioned necktie party and hootenanny.

Cuts made by Nick-
     Before airing Nickelodeon cut the last line of the song: Abner saying "Bring the kids next time!"
     A line that never made into the finished cartoon, the line where Ren makes his gallows confession to Stimpy that "While you were asleep, I polished my boots with your tongue," originally was a reference to Ren soothing his saddle sores with Stimpy's tongue. Needless to say Nickelodeon story editors had conniptions over that one. This edit is fix on the Spike TV verson.

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