Powdered Toast Man

Original Production Number- RS06b
Original Air Date- August 15, 1992

Director- John K.
Story- Richard Pursel and John K.
Storydoard- Jim Smith and Bill Wray

Voice Cast-
-John K. (as Ren)
-Billy West (as Stimpy)
-Gary Owens (as Powdered Toast Man)
-Jim Smith (as Mr. President)
-Cheryl Chase (as PTM's Faithfull Assistant)
-Practically everyone at Spmc (as the accident casualties)
-Frank Zappa (uncensored version: 'as The Pope')
                        (censored version: 'as the funny little guy in the pointy hat')

     Disguised as Pastor Toast Man, the cool youth deacon, Powdered Toast Man sits in his government office awaiting calls from those in distress. He rescues hapless citizens--but usually to their detriment. Having saved the president from being stuck in his own zipper, Powdered Toast Man assumes control of the highest office in the land while the president recovers. As president, Powdered Toast Man frees the citizens of their basic human rights and rekindles the oval office fireplace with the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

Cuts Made By Nick-
     The scene where PTM burns those "dusty old papers" got unceremoniously snipped from the cartoon when a grand total of three people complained. "I was so repulsed, I couldn't calm down," shrieked Kay Claire, an outraged cartoon watchdog. "I was outraged when I saw that program...I want that cartoon pulled from the air because it has no social value whatsoever," said Claire, who immediately complained to Nickelodoen and the FCC. Marty Vonruden, a spokesman for Nickelodeon, stated that two other people complained about the episode. It was immediately shelved and later censored, but the uncut version was shown regularly on MTV, while the cut version was shown on Nick. "It's a cautionary tale," responds Richard Pursel, who penned the cartoon with John K. "John and I believe that cartoon to be the most moral of any of the Ren & Stimpy shows. It's really just a send up of Super Heros. Besides, it's  heathly to question authority--so many people abuse it."

Inside Joke-
     Powdered Toast Man's glasses, which he wears at the beginning when he is disguised as "Pastor Toast Man" in his job as a government clerk, are first shaped like the almond-shaped ones that have become a John K. trademark. In the next shot he's sporting Buddy Holly-style hornrims.

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