Ren's Brain

Story- John K. and Richard Pursel
Storyboards- Chris Reccardi

Background Color Design- Scott Wills
Director- Chris Reccardi (Had it been finished at Spmc, it would have been directed by John K.)

The Story- Stimpy re-enters the world of science as a "freelance brain surgeon." He soon runs out of good brains to conduct experiments on, so (ala "Stimpy's Invention") Stimpy removes Ren's brain.

Behind the Scenes Stuff- Ren's Brain was the last episode written by Spumco and animated by Games Animation. Some changes and omissions made by Games in the script were:

1. The earth exploding (Originally North America exploding)

2. Stimpy placing a telephone into Ren's cramium (Originally Stimpy placing Ren's organs where his brain once was)

3. Stimpy and Brainless Ren peeing at each other, which was in the original script made by Spumco, but omitted by Games.

4. Spumco's version, Ren was supposed to say "Cripes! I'm late for work!" While, in the Games version his says "Aw nuts! I'm late for work!"

. The Spmc guys planned this episode to be a classic, like 'Space Madness' and 'Stimpy's Inventions,' and were going to send it to their "A" animation studio, Carbunkle, in Canada. This episode recieved a cold response from Nick execs when John K. first submitted it on December 12, 1991.

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