Ren's Toothache

Original Production Number-RS5-2a
Original Air Date- August 22, 1992

Director- John K.
Story- Bob Camp and John K.
Storyboard- Chris Reccardi

Voice Cast-
-John K. (as Ren)
-Billy West (as Stimpy and The Flies)
-Vincent Waller (as The Tooth Beaver)

     Ren ridicules Stimpy for brushing his teeth. Ren believes brushing is a waste of time, untill a massive toothache cripples him with pain. Stimpy explains why toothaches hurt so much: "Your nerve endings are the tastiest part of your body and your Tooth Beaver knows this." In a cross section of Ren's tooth we see the happy Tooth Beaver gnashing away at Ren's nerve endings. Ren eventually loses all his teeth and can only eat mush. His gum holes reek such a stench that it manages to disgust flies feasting on the poop in Stimpy's litter box.

 Cuts On The DVD- From the start is to cut up I can't even be bothered spending the time to describe it here. (It's fully uncut on the discontinued Time Life set, if you want to look for that on eBay).

Behind the Scenes Stuff-
     The comment made by one of the flies: "Hey hey hey hey. We're trying to eat here!," was actually made by an irate patron of the Hollywood restaurant 'Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles' (yes, you read right!) who was trying to eat his lunch while John K. acted out a future R&S story for his dining companion, former Spmc layout and storyboard artist Chris Reccardi.

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