Robin HoŽk

Original Production Number- RS02a
Original Air Date- August 18, 1991

Story- John K. and Bob Camp
Storyboard- Vincent Waller
Director- John K.

Voice Cast-
-John K. (as Ren)
-Billy West (as Stimpy)
-Harris Peet (as George Liquor, Sheriff of Dodge City)
-Henry Porch (as the Eyeballs)

Animation Services- Lacewood, Ontario, Canada

Synopsis- Stimpy Thrashes the tale of Robin Hood in this Storybook Adventure. Stimpy can't get to sleep, and Ren wont read him a bedtime story. So the illiterate cat "reads" it himself, making up most of the action as he goes along. Robin Hoek and his Merry Men are introduced, including the love of his life, the lovely Maid Moron (who is really Stimpy in drag). Robin defeats the Sheriff of Dodge City and in the first gay wedding in cartoons since Bugs proposed to Elmer Fudd, Robin and Maid Moron are wed.

Stuff Cut By Nick- The "Man-Eating Monks" in the moat were almost not allowed in the show, and furthermore were a comprimise, since what John K. really wanted down in the moat were Man-Eating Clergymen.
     The original ending to this episode had Ren marrying and blissfully smooching Maid Moron (Stimpy), but Nick nixed that.

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