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Ren Seeks Help
Original Air Date- July 3, 2003
Story- John K. and Richard Pursel
Director- John K.
Animation Director- Bob Jaques
Voice Cast-
-John K. (as Ren and Mr. Horse)
-Eric Baza (as Stimpy)
-Tom Hay (as Frog)
-Mike K. (as Ren's Father)
-Cheryl 'Chase (as Ren's Mother)
Animation Services- Carbunkle Cartoons
Synopsis- Ren does something so awful to Stimpy, he is ashamed of himself and seeks help from a professional, aka. Dr Mr Horse. They search deep into Ren's childhood years to find the root source of Ren's evil ways, with dramatic consequences.
Behind The Scenes Stuff- John's Dad, Mike Kricfalusi, was the voice of Ren's Father. Some of the lines, including "Look what you've done to your poor mother!" and "Is this your work?" were sayings Mike used on John when he was young. 
Ren's childhood torture playmate, the frog is Tom Hay. He's boyhood friend of John's. He also allowed his "mangl-led" hand (from a childhood accident) to be immortalized in a shot.

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