Space Madness

Original Production Number- RS03a
Original Air Date- August 25, 1991

Story- John K. and Jim Gomez
Art Direction- Jim Smith
Animation Direction- Bob Jaques
Storyboards- Jim Smith and Chris Reccardi
Color Styling- Bill Wray
Diretor- John Kricfalusi

Voice Cast-
-John K. (as Ren)
-Billy West (as Stimpy and the Announcer)

Animation Services- Carbunkle Cartoons

Synopsis- Having switched to automatic pilot, our space-bound heros, Commander Hoek and Cadet Stimpy, have nohting to do. Without any stimulation Commander Hoek succumbs to 'Space Madness'. As in all space adventures, Ren & Stimpy die at the end. They realize their fate before it happens and can do nothing about it. The story ends with Stimpy pushing the history eraser button; the results are life altering for everyone in the universe.

Behind the scenes Stuff- Robert Mitchum's opening monoloque from the movie "Night of the Hunter" inspired some of Ren's crazy rants: "You're not like the others, Johnnie, you hate the same things I hate...perfume smelling things...lacy things, things with curly hair." This was changed to "You're not like the others you like the same things I do...wax paper...boiled football leather...dogs breathe..."

Stuff Cut by Nick- The history eraser button barely survived, in a note sent to Spumco on December 5, 1990, Nick execs said "Drop the History Eraser Button. We'll need a new ending." John K. pleaded with them to keep it in, they gave in and allowed it's existance in the end. A further element of the end sequence wasn't so lucky, where Ren & Stimpy go back in time to fix the damage they've done to history was cut early on.

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