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Son of Stimpy
Original Air Date- January 13, 1993
Director- John K
Story- John K, Vincent Waller, Rich Pursel
Voice Cast-
-John K. (as Ren And Hobo)
-Billy West (as Stimpy, Stinky and Santa)

Stimpy experiences his first fart, and is consumed by a need to prove to Ren that the child of his ass, which he christens 'Stinky', really did exist after all. Stimpy asks the Magic Nose Goblins but they just think Stimpy must be crazy ... after all, he talks to farts.
Stimpy pouts over his long lost, smelly friend for many years, despite Ren's attempts to distract him with The Muddy Mudskipper Show and Commander Hoek and Cadet Stimpy and even a new catnip mouse, but none of these can sway Stimpy from his search.
Stimpy takes to the dark, cold city streets in his attempts to find Stinky, who is searching himself for a home as warm and snuggly as the one he left, but he only gets hunted down by match-waving mobs.
Stimpy finally returns home to a lonely Ren, frozen solid and filled totally with despair, until a very special visitor comes calling...

Cuts By Nick-
Nick cut a scene involving a policeman, which later appeared on SpikeTV
Originally titled "Stimpy's First Fart". Nick change it to "Son of Stimpy"
Cuts By Spike Tv/DVD-
Ren saying, "Here's your Christmas present, Stimpy. I hope you like it. Wherever you are."
Behind the Scenes-
coming soon!!

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