Episodes Started at Spmc and finished at Games
Spmc Content- Almost everything.
Games Content- Music, Sound effects and editing.


Sven Hok

Original Production Number- RS5-3a
Original Air Date- November 7, 1992

Director- John K.
Story- John K. and Bob Camp
Storyboard- Jim Smith and Bill Wray
Animation Director- Bob Jaques

Voice Cast-
-John K. (as Ren)
-Billy West (as Stimpy, Sven, and The Devil)

Animation Services- Carbunkle (animation) and MetroCel (computer ink and paint).

     Ren Hoks cousin Sven comes over for a visit, and Stimpy finds that he and Sven have a great deal in common. They're both idiots, both faithful lodge brothers of the royal order of stupids, they both disgusting collections of their own excreta, and they both love playing "the funnest game in the whole wide world...Don't Whiz on the Electric Fence." This, of course, sends Ren into a tail spin.


  • Four versions of this episode were made:
  • The first Spmc version available in bootleg format only. The music was never finished. It contains Alfred Hitchcock music in the opening credits, a very long series of horrible threats by Ren when he comes home from work, and the following scene: After Svn closes the closet door, further dialogue was cut - Svn: "What shall we do now?" Stimpy: "I know! Let's play circus! Look at me, I'm a juggler!" Svn: "I'm a bearded lady!" Stimpy: "And I'm a sword swallower!", followed by a "gulp." According to Spmc, this scene no longer exists (Nickelodeon destroyed or lost many cut scenes while it owned the rights to the show - see the FAQ for more details), so there's no hope of seeing it restored into a full version of the episode.
  • The second contains Ren's tirade and does not feature Bob Camp dancing around in the title credits. Reportedly only aired once or twice.
  • The third and most well-known version, shown after the Games takeover, features Bob Camp and the accordian, but is otherwise identical to the second version (intact except for the sword swallowing). This is the version featured on the DVD with the sword swallowing version in it.
  • The fourth, a horribly rescored version of the second/third (done by Games Animation), has Ren's violent threats cut out. Only "I'm gonna hit ya..." remains.

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