A Cartoon - Untamed World

Original Production Number- RS05b
Original Air Date- December ?, 1991

Story- Jim Smith and John K.
Storyboard- Jim Smith
Director- John K.

Voice Cast-
-John K. (as Ren)
-Billy West (as Stimpy and the Seagull)
-Harris Peet (as the baby Soft Shelled Stimpy)

Synopsis- Marlon Hoek and his trusty assistant Stimpy go off to the Galopagos Islands to study the effects of evolution...and meet up with a slew of bizarre animals which all look like Ren or Stimpy.

Behind The Scenes Stuff- This episode has it's origins in Jim Smith's and John Kricfalusi's fondness for nature shows and many hours watching PBS and the Discovery Channel. Jim Smith on this episode: "With the nature show, we really had to do our homework on the characters...we weren't about to let anything get past us, because the audience won't let you get anything past them. We did a lot of combining of animals to come up with the ones you see. In the case of the Frilled Ren for example, there are two different lizards that we modeled it after: the desert lizard that picks it's legs up one at a time to keep them from getting hot, and the frilled lizard which runs on it's hind legs."

Other Stuff- This story was originally thought of for the "Beany and Cecil" remake series that John K., Jim Smith and Lynne Naylor worked on for ABC Entertainment and Clampett Productions. Needless to say, the premise was thrown out early on.

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